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Do bees use pollen to make honey?

Actually, bees collect nectar to make honey.  You could say that honeybees collect pollen to make more bees.  Pollen is the “protein” that bees collect, store, consume, and feed to developing baby bees.  Nectar is the “carbohydrates” in their diet.  In late winter and early spring, we all see (and literally breathe) pollen in the air.  The honeybee collects the pollen and store it inside the hive.  As the fresh spring pollen is fed to the queen bee, it stimulates her to lay more and more and more eggs.  In springtime, she will lay as many as 1500-2000 eggs each day.  These eggs will hatch into adult bees in 21days.  This will make the colony grow in numbers exponentially... just in time for the “nectar flow.”